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Garage Door Spring Repair in Pittsburgh, PA

Do you have a broken garage door spring? Have you noticed your garage door springs are aging? Responsible homeowners should assess the condition of their garage doors and pay attention to signs of aging. Steel City Garage Doors is able to complete garage door spring replacement on all major types of garage doors, both commercial and residential. When a spring is aging, there is a chance it will break while the door is in motion. Your garage door will immediately drop and harm any person or item in its way. Schedule immediate garage door spring repair in Pittsburgh, PA, to avoid an accident with your door!

Garage Spring Replacement & Repair

The garage door spring serves an integral function in the running of your garage door. Whether you have a garage door with torsion or extension springs, other parts of the door depend on the proper functioning of the springs. Some of the issues we can correct with garage door spring repair includes:

  • Springs that Are Out of Balance
  • Decrease in Tension on the Springs
  • Cracking or Rusting Metal
  • Excessive Tension on the Spring
  • Preventative Replacement
  • Squeaking or Noisy Springs
  • Loose Safety Cables (Which Catch the Door in Case a Spring Breaks)
  • Increased Noise During Opening or Closing of the Door
  • Damage to the Garage Door Brackets (Which Connect to the Springs)
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24/7 Repair for Broken Garage Springs

When a garage door spring has broken, your door may be stuck in the closed position if your manual release is not working. We are dedicated to immediate service and offer 24/7 emergency repairs for our clients. Every garage spring replacement is completed quickly, so you can get your car out of the garage and get on with your day. We keep our truck stocked with a variety of springs, so we can complete a permanent repair.

Professionals to Assess Garage Door Springs

Before an emergency occurs, it is important to conduct regular inspections of the running parts of your home you depend upon on a daily basis. We check the parts of your garage door to make sure none of them need to be replaced immediately. Scheduling a preventative inspection of your garage can save you time and money in the long run. Allow us to deliver fast, reliable service before an accident happens due to a broken garage spring.

Contact us today to schedule a garage door spring repair! We are pleased to serve clients in Pittsburgh, Monroeville, and Shadyside, PA!