Garage Opener Repair in Pittsburgh, PA

If you are tired of pressing the button inside your garage and jumping over the sensor on your way out, it may be time to schedule garage opener repair. Steel City Garage Doors is a company that specializes in garage doors including repairs and replacements. For nearly 25 years, we have completed garage opener repair for residential and commercial clients.

When your business has halted because deliveries cannot be made or you are tired of the garage door always being a cause for concern, garage opener replacement is exactly what you need. Maintaining your home and business is important, and a key aspect of maintenance is paying attention to the condition of your garage door with services including garage opener repair in Pittsburgh, PA.

Garage Remote in Pittsburgh, PA

Garage Opener Replacement Gives Family Members Home Access

More and more families are choosing garage opener replacement so their family members can all have their own garage door remote or use a keypad to open the door from the outside. This safety measure is important because family members that are locked out can still get in your home, especially if you are far away. Young children can take on a new sense of responsibility with their very own garage door opener remote or keypad access. If you are considering garage opener replacement, some of the features include:

  • Higher Voltage for Doors in Frequent Use
  • Silent Operation for Homes with Adjacent
  • Bedroom Walls Closing and Opening Timers
  • Emergency Release for Power Outage
  • LED or Regular Bulb for Ceiling Opener
  • Smartphone Access
  • Remote Access
  • Wireless Keypads
  • Battery Backup for Power Outage

Our Garage Opener Repair Company Uses All Mechanisms

Ultimately, choosing a new opener or repairing one is all about safety. There are various mechanisms used in garage door openers and we have the experience to repair all openers. For nearly 25 years, we have completed garage door opener repair for every mechanism, including:

  • Direct Drive
  • Belt Drive
  • Chain Drive
  • Screw Drive

Contact us today to schedule garage opener replacement with our experienced professionals! We are pleased to serve clients in Pittsburgh, Canonsburg, and Mt. Lebanon, PA.